The Meat Man & Adernaline Sports Sept 2022

We had a busy weekend of events in Oswestry and Lake Vyrnwy last weekend. On Saturday, we did a takeover at the Meat Man. He has been with us from the beginning as our main supplier and much more the best in the industry. We sent out a bespoke menu to some of our OG customers, and trialled a new takeaway box featuring burgers, halloumi and wings. Some of you are still asking for the secret cheese sauce recipe – we might share soon. 

On Sunday we headed across the hills to Lake Vyrnwy, Wales to feed the runners and spectators at the half marathon. The event was organised really well by Alan Lewis of Adrenaline Sporting Events, with shuttle coaches from the event to parking a few miles away. We started early at 8am to serve our breakfast muffins pre-run, but our best sellers were our wings. We learnt a lot at this event, and Alan’s advice has been really useful as we approach our next running event in Colchester with RunThrough Events early October.


This weekend we’ll be putting our fairy lights up and getting our flares on for an open-air screening of Mamma Mia in Yorkshire – look out for next week’s updates.